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Squared Intent – Metal Wall Art by Cherie Haney
Colorful wall sculpture handmade with mixed media components including aluminum, leather, copper, and painted enamel panels. Warm colors and organic rectilinear shapes create a fun and eye catching design. This artwork is approximately 26 inches by 48 inches.
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rhythm of the sea product photo
Rhythm of the Sea Decorative Metal Wall Art
Decorative metal wall art contains green and red organic tones and textures as a backdrop for abstract aluminum shapes evocative of ocean waves.  The effect is one of sea creatures dancing through a lively, warm waterscape.  This artwork is approximately 26 inches by 49 inches.
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freeform olive metal wall sculpture
Freeform Olive

Organic olive shapes and negative space play back and forth. One of our most popular pieces, this work combines smooth curves and layered dimensionality.

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Freeform Square
Freeform Squares
Welded aluminum square and rectangular shapes organically arranged in a dimensional construction, this piece is finished with a durable clear powder coat making it suitable for display indoors or outdoors.
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