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From time to time I receive images of my artwork hanging in clients homes and places of business. Let me just say I really appreciate these images of art installations. It touches my heart to see the sweet places my art gets to interact with. Especially in this time of quarantine it’s great to look back and see what you’ve sent me when I am not able to go out and make those art fair connections with you personally. I miss your happy weekend faces, my friends!

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Freeform Olive Sculpture Hanging in Boca Raton

We had the opportunity to hang my freeform olive wall sculpture on a pool privacy wall in Boca Raton, Florida. The brushed aluminum works great with the elemental design in the landscaping. This artwork has a powder coated finish so hanging it outdoors is no problem. I love the way the metal reflects the light and colors from the area, especially with the reflections bouncing around the water at the same time.

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