Tiling and Grouping Artwork

Have you ever wanted to hang multiple pieces of artwork together, but you weren’t sure how? This is a favorite way I like to display artwork, and it is very popular among fans of my art as well.

When Artwork is the Same Size

Grouping art pieces is more successful when the pieces are the same size. Although this is not necessary, it helps to make the grouping geometrically consistent. For pieces that are the same size, groupings can be created in a grid, or pieces can be staggered for a more creative presentation.

In the examples below, the pieces in the grouping are tied together by shape, size, and color.

When Artwork is of Different Sizes

With art pieces of different shapes or sizes, a successful grouping is still possible. Look for pieces that have other similar elements, like colors or patterns.

In my art, I often use common visual elements that tie pieces together so that they can be grouped effectively. This is especially true of my art tiles which are designed specifically for groupings.

Whenever you are considering artwork for a group hanging, look for common visual elements: colors, textures, patterns, or shapes. Remember that your grouping is not just multiple pieces of artwork next to each other; it is a unified presentation of art containing multiple independent elements.

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